Childbirth is supposed to be a time of joy, optimism, and new beginnings. Unfortunately, negligent medical care can quickly turn it into a time of worry and heartache. When your child suffers an injury during labor or delivery, you have the right to hold anyone who provided negligent medical care accountable.

When you are dealing with the reality of a birth injury, now is the time to speak with a compassionate medical malpractice attorney. Your child’s case is important, as the outcome could have a major impact on their quality of life. A Walterboro birth injury lawyer could help you review your legal options.

Types of Birth Injuries

There are many ways a newborn could suffer an injury during childbirth. Each of these injuries generally falls within five main categories. A birth injury attorney in Walterboro could pursue justice for any of these conditions in the event they are caused by a medical professional’s negligence.

Brain Injuries

Some of the most traumatic injuries that occur during childbirth involve damage to the brain. These injuries often occur when the baby does not get enough oxygen or their skull is compressed during delivery. Common brain injuries include cerebral hemorrhaging and subdural hematomas.

Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Nerve damage is a common consequence of negligence during childbirth. The most common example of peripheral nerve injuries is Erb’s Palsy, which can make it impossible for a child to make certain movements with their arms.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can result from careless pulling or rotating of the baby during delivery or from over-stretching a child’s neck after they are born. Spinal damage can lead to paralysis, respiratory distress, and other chronic medical issues.

Bone Injuries

Bone fractures can happen in different ways during childbirth. Some shoulder injuries are common when a child is forcibly removed from the birth canal. Bone injuries can also happen if a child is dropped.

Internal Injuries

Intra-abdominal injuries are especially uncommon during childbirth. However, physical trauma during delivery could damage internal organs and result in bleeding.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Birth Injury Claim?

There is a legal deadline that applies to birth injury lawsuits, known as the statute of limitations. While many jurisdictions provide ample time for legal action following a birth injury, the deadline is much shorter in Walterboro. According to the law, the statute of limitations expires three years from the date of the birth injury. This means pursuing a birth injury lawsuit requires the parents to take legal action on their child’s behalf before their third birthday.

That said, the law surrounding the statute of limitations is complex. In some cases, there are exceptions that could provide a parent with additional time to file a lawsuit. It is never a good idea to assume these exceptions apply, but a Walterboro birth injury attorney could provide answers on what deadlines may apply to a specific case.

Talk To an Attorney in Walterboro About a Birth Injury Case

If your child experiences a birth injury because a medical professional did not provide an appropriate standard of care, you have a limited window of time to seek justice. A civil lawsuit could hold the negligent party accountable, but pursuing your case alone is risky. Let a Walterboro birth injury lawyer serve as an advocate for your family during this challenging time. Reach out today for a confidential consultation.

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