You trust those working in the healthcare industry to get the job done right. This is highly crucial when it comes to surgical procedures. You not only place your confidence in the surgeon but also in the anesthesiologist and supporting staff.  Unfortunately, not every medical provider lives up to their standard of care, and significant injuries and losses can result.

To this end, if you are experiencing complications due to an anesthesia error, a compassionate Walterboro anesthesia errors lawyer could make hospitals, insurance companies, and inattentive anesthesiologists pay for the harm caused to you. Reach out to Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today to begin working with a trusted medical malpractice attorney.

Why the Administration of Anesthesia Could Go Wrong

Anesthesia has been around in one form or another since the mid-1840s. Though there have been vast improvements in surgery medications, there are still things that can go wrong during the administering and monitoring of these drugs during an operation. Some possible anesthesia errors experienced by patients in South Carolina include:

  • The patient is given a local anesthetic instead of a general anesthetic or vice versa.
  • Too much anesthetic is given to a patient. This can cause confusion, brain injuries, and possible death.
  • Too little anesthetic was administered or the medication was not properly given and the patient was not adequately numb or asleep during the procedure.
  • A patient did not agree to the type of numbing or sedating drug given to them. Some might consent to local meds but not general ones.
  • An anesthesiologist was not watching the clock and gave the medication at the wrong time.

Regardless of the situation, our dedicated Walterboro attorneys know how to fight for patients who were harmed due to an anesthesia error through no fault of their own. Our team could review the specifics of an event to determine its cause and gather the necessary evidence to prove liability.

Physician Anesthesiologist Education and Credentials

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), physicians who are responsible for giving and overseeing anesthetics have to complete roughly 12 years of education. This starts with a bachelor’s degree and ends with a residency at a hospital or clinic.

However, with this in mind, the ASA also makes it clear that around 25 percent of physician anesthesiologists do not have their certifications. Also, some doctors do not update their certificates by completing continuing medical education courses.   As a patient, you have the right to ask for your physician’s education and credentials. Many times, this is available online via the hospital or clinic’s website. Our Walterboro attorneys could review a medical provider’s background to determine whether they had the appropriate training and designation to administer anesthesia.

Seeking Relief for Harm Resulting From an Anesthesia Error

For a person to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, or potentially negligent pharmaceutical companies, specific requirements must be met. The individual bringing legal action has to first deliver a notification that they plan to sue. They must also submit an affidavit from a medical expert who can attest to the specific situation to verify an act of negligence did occur.

This can be a lot for someone not trained in the law, especially when doctors and hospitals are already likely to have lawyers on call. A person has an increased chance of receiving monetary compensation through insurance settlements or a court case when they have the help of a well-trained Walterboro Anesthesia complication lawyer.

Contact A Walterboro Anesthesia Errors Attorney

Sustaining harm at the hands of someone you thought would keep you safe is a traumatic experience. You should not have to foot the bill for your losses in addition to struggling with physical injuries and stress. You can put your trust in us, and we will strive to get the compensation you need and deserve for you and your loved ones. Call Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today to begin working with a Walterboro anesthesia errors lawyer.

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