There are laws, policies, and industry regulations designed to prevent medication errors from happening. Still, there is a big difference between theory and practice in the medical industry. You may have observed blatant misbehavior by those entrusted to prescribe medication, or you may have taken prescription drugs that cause adverse reactions.

If you, a member of your household, or an acquaintance were injured due to a prescription mistake, legal help may be available from a local medical malpractice attorney. A resourceful Walterboro medication error lawyer could work to get you restitution for your losses.

Medical Professionals and Prescription Mishaps in Walterboro

Many types of medical professionals are involved in the process of prescribing and transferring medication to patients. Physicians prescribe medications; medical clerks maintain client information databases; and pharmacists/pharmacy technicians are responsible for filling orders and getting the physical medication. Each of these individuals owes a duty to patients to act as a reasonable practitioner, clerk, or technician would under the circumstances.

On any given day, healthcare workers may commit any of the following medication-related mistakes:

  • Physicians prescribing medications that do not match a patient’s health condition and symptoms
  • Staff members administering the wrong medicines to patients in nursing homes or psychiatric hospitals
  • Psychiatrists or family physicians over-medicating clients;
  • Nurses or other healthcare staff administering too much or inaccurate meds during a hospital stay
  • Pharmacists overfilling, mislabeling, or handing customers the wrong prescriptions
  • Wellness experts who fail to review patient records and prescribe medications that have adverse interactions with medications a patient is already taking

A competent Walterboro attorney could help individuals and families determine what exactly led to a prescribed medication error by analyzing documents and enlisting the help of medical experts.

What To Do If You Believe You Were Given the Wrong Meds

Many people feel abnormal when medications that are ill-suited to their condition enter their bloodstream. They could feel confused, sick to the stomach, vomit, increased pain, aggressiveness, fatigue, cold chills, hot sensations, and an elevated heart rate. This is an extremely serious matter. Along with the uncomfortable feelings, dangerous medications can lead to debilitating injuries, comas, and possible death. Those who are elderly or have poor immune systems are especially at risk.

The most important thing to do when someone believes they have taken erroneous medication is to get immediate medical attention. Once a person—or representative of a deceased loved one—is safe and ready to seek justice, they should call a tenacious Walterboro medication error attorney. Our team could build a strong strategy to get individuals and families the money they deserve.

Pursuing Compensation After a Medication Error

A negligent healthcare professional may make mistakes concerning medications. When their actions are the proximate or actual cause of an injury, the injured patient has the right to pursue compensation in a medical malpractice claim.

Damages can either be monetary or punitive. Monetary damages cover hospital bills, rehabilitation services, surgeries, and day-to-day expenses resulting from the harm caused. Punitive damages are only available in cases involving exceptionally egregious or intentional acts of negligence. Examples of punitive damages are revoking or suspending a physician or pharmacist’s medical license. A proficient Walterboro lawyer could explain the process of pursuing compensation after a medication error and ensure an injured patient gets the full range of damages they deserve.

Call a Walterboro Medication Error Attorney

When you experience harm because of a medical professional’s negligent care, you have the right to hold that professional accountable. You may be able to recover financial damages for your losses.

A compassionate Walterboro medication error lawyer could help you as soon as today. We accept most forms of communication, so reach out to us in the way that works best for you.

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