People who suffer injuries due to someone’s negligence or breach of the standard of care should act swiftly to protect their legal rights. Preparing a proper claim may involve performing a full investigation into the incident and evaluating how the resulting injuries impacted the claimant’s life. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by this process.

Fortunately, an Orangeburg personal injury lawyer from Whetstone Perkins & Fulda is here to help. Our skilled attorneys could take the lead in gathering evidence, determining what damages you may be able to receive, and demanding that at-fault parties provide appropriate compensation.

Accidents the Give Rise to Personal Injury Claims in Orangeburg

Serious accidents may require extensive medical care as well as jeopardize a person’s ability to earn a living or enjoy life. Even so, the fact that an injury has occurred does not definitively mean that a person is entitled to compensation. Instead, a potential claimant must prove that another party’s negligence or breach in the standard of care was the primary cause of their losses.

Demonstrating the at-fault party’s negligence is one way in which an Orangeburg attorney could help someone prepare a personal injury claim. Common incidents that may result in a viable personal injury case include:

What to Anticipate When Pursuing a Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is unique in the facts that led to the injury and the ways in which it is impacting the claimant’s life. However, there are a few common threads that flow through most cases.

The first is that the at-fault party must provide full compensation to all claimants. This may include payments for medical treatment, compensation for lost quality of life, and reimbursement for any lost income.

Additionally, these cases have a time limit within which a person must demand compensation. This will vary on a case-by-case basis. However, pursuant to South Carolina Code §15-3-530, most injured individuals have no more than three years to file a lawsuit following an injury.  If the at-fault party is a governmental entity, the injured individual may have no more than two years to file a lawsuit following an injury.

It is important to note that this time limit may be shorter or longer depending upon the circumstances of the case. An Orangeburg lawyer could help demand fair payments and prepare a personal injury claim within the statute of limitations.

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Suffering any injury has the potential to impact many aspects of your life. If another person or company was responsible for your losses, you have the right to demand fair compensation.

An Orangeburg personal injury lawyer could help you collect this compensation. We could take care of all the details of your civil claim so you can focus on your physical recovery. One of our attorneys could stand by your side to understand how the event has changed your life and demand appropriate compensation from all liable parties. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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