Every motor vehicle collision that occurs should be a major cause for concern. However, perhaps no incidents have the potential for such extensive injuries as those involving commercial trucks.

These large vehicles can impart thousands of pounds of force on passenger cars, resulting in life-altering injuries that leave victims with permanent limitations. While it is possible to collect the compensation needed to bring financial stability and comfort, this requires a knowledge of the law and the ability to litigate and negotiate with insurance companies.

An Orangeburg truck accident lawyer could provide assistance. Our personal injury attorneys could investigate the crash, evaluate the impact of the accident had on your life, and demand fair payments from any at-fault party including the drivers, the insurance companies, and the trucking companies.

Truck Accidents and the Resulting Injuries

Truck crashes can result in some of the most serious and life-changing injuries that may require months or years of treatment. In addition, these injuries can have a profound impact on a person’s mental health and ability to earn a living. As a result, claimants may demand compensation for their losses due to physical injuries, emotional traumas, and lost earning capacity.

The simple fact is that truck drivers who cause accidents must provide compensation for all the damage that they inflict. Even so, injured parties must be able to prove that their injuries are a direct result of the at-fault party’s negligence during insurance negotiations or while in court. An Orangeburg attorney could take the lead in investigating the cause of a truck accident and demonstrate how that event has changed the claimant’s life.

Seeking Compensation from All Liable Parties

Truck accidents can be unique in that multiple parties may be liable for the incident. Of course, the individual behind the wheel of a truck is typically responsible for their actions. In addition, that driver must always carry an insurance policy that provides compensation to people who suffer injuries because of accidents for which they are at fault.

Additionally, local employment laws may also allow injured individuals to demand payments from the driver’s employer. Under respondeat superior, employers are liable for the actions of their employees while those employees are working within the scope of their job. As a result, if a truck driver was making deliveries for an employer at the time of the accident, the employer may be jointly liable for any resulting damage. An Orangeburg attorney could seek out payments from all liable parties following a serious truck crash.

Reach Out To an Orangeburg Truck Accident Attorney Today

People who have suffered injuries after a collision with a commercial truck, big rig, or tractor-trailer should understand their legal rights and seek proper compensation. Still, collecting these payments is only possible if you can prove that a trucker or another party was to blame for the accident.

An Orangeburg truck accident lawyer could take the lead in this process and demand the compensation that you need to make things right. To get started on building your claim, schedule an initial consultation today.

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