While many factors contribute to truck crashes, distracting driving is one of the most prevalent. Truck operators throughout the country have more technology at their fingertips than ever before. While this might provide entertainment or comfort on a long trip, it can also result in dangerous distractions that increase the odds of a collision.

If you were hurt in a distracted driving truck accident in Orangeburg, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel right away. A skilled truck accident attorney could help you get the compensation you deserve following a crash with a distracted truck operator.

How Distractions Lead to Accidents

Any time a commercial trucker takes their eyes or attention off the road, a crash becomes more likely. An Orangeburg could investigate the circumstances of a crash to determine whether a distracted truck driver was responsible.

There are three broad categories of distractions that could result in a crash: physical, visual, and mental distractions.

Physical Distractions

The term “physical distraction” describes anything that causes a truck driver to take their hands off the wheel. Taking a hand away from the wheel—whether to turn a radio dial or reach for an object—makes it more difficult for the driver to quickly turn the wheel to avoid a hazard.

Visual Distractions

A truck driver is visually distracted when they turn their field of vision away from the road. This form of distraction is dangerous because it leads to truck drivers failing to notice changing road conditions like pedestrians stepping in their path. Common visual distractions include reading text messages or watching videos on a mobile device.

Mental Distractions

When a driver’s attention is on anything other than the task of driving, they are mentally distracted. These distractions can lead a driver to collide with other motorists or even fixed objects instead of maneuvering around them. Common mental distractions include daydreaming or talking with passengers.

Compensation in a Distracted Driving Accident

Financial compensation could be available to injured parties in Orangeburg when negligence leads to distracted driving truck accidents. A plaintiff could pursue a monetary award that includes the following types of compensation:

Medical Bills

Recovering the costs of expensive medical treatment is often a top priority for someone injured in a truck crash. A lawsuit could include compensation for emergency medical care as well as the ongoing cost of treating an injury. Examples of treatment that could result in financial compensation include surgeries, physical therapy, or hospitalization.

Lost Wages

Another form of compensation that could be available following an accident with a distracted truck driver is the replacement of lost wages. Missing work while recovering from an injury can be especially frustrating, but success with a personal injury lawsuit could alleviate these financial burdens.

Property Damages

A distracted truck driver could also be liable for any property damage they cause. This could include paying the cost to repair or replace the vehicles they damaged in the collision. A dedicated legal professional could work on an injured party’s behalf to maximize available compensation through a civil claim.

Call an Attorney Following an Orangeburg Distracted Driving Truck Crash

If you were hurt in distracted driving truck accidents in Orangeburg, you deserve seasoned legal counsel to help you seek justice. A successful lawsuit could provide you with compensation for your accident-related losses and position you to move forward. Instead of attempting to resolve your case on your own, reach out to the legal team at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda for a private consultation.

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