Situations where you sustain bumps, bruises, and maybe even a broken bone are relatively common. However, when a catastrophic injury causes far more severe damage, you and your family might be left devastated and wondering what to do. Medical care is critical but you also need skilled legal assistance. A compassionate personal injury attorney could be the answer to your financial and legal concerns.

Your situation should not be ignored if someone breach of the standard of care caused your injury. An Orangeburg catastrophic injury lawyer is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and delegating in court, which could potentially mean compensation for your losses. Enlist the help of Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today.

Catastrophic Injury Defined

A catastrophic injury is severe, happens suddenly or unexpectedly, and causes permanent life-altering damage. These types of injuries most commonly impact the body’s basic functions. Some examples of catastrophic injury include:

  • Extensive burns
  • Loss of sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch
  • Damage from weapons used in a crime
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Trauma to internal organs
  • The loss of one or more limbs
  • Paralysis from spinal cord injuries

Catastrophic injuries generally happen because of an accident. If another person’s reckless behavior caused harm to another individual, an Orangeburg lawyer adept in catastrophic injury claims could study the details to determine if there might be legal grounds for a case.

Types of Damages Awarded in Orangeburg

To successfully win compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove the at-fault party had a duty to act as a responsible person but breached that duty. The breach must be the cause of the accident that injured the plaintiff. The compensatory damages that could be awarded in a successful lawsuit are classified as economic, non-economic, and punitive.

Economic Damages

Economic damages reimburse injured plaintiffs for amounts relating to medical care, rehabilitative care, property damaged in the accident, and lost wages. South Carolina does not cap economic damages, although, pursuant to South Carolina Code § 15-32-510, non-economic damages are limited in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are subjective losses. The jury must decide how much a plaintiff’s pain and suffering, as well as emotional and mental trauma, is worth. They must affix a dollar amount to the loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and reputational damage. Because these losses are subjective and do not come with a bill like medical care does, it can be more difficult to get money damages for this kind of harm.

A catastrophic injury lawyer in the Orangeburg area is committed to getting an injured person the maximum amount possible after a serious accident.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages can be awarded in addition to economic and non-economic damages if it is determined that the at-fault party’s acts were purposeful, overly negligent, or reckless. This type of compensation is meant as a punishment to discourage further bad behavior.

Generally, punitive damages cannot exceed the greater of three times the compensatory damages award or $500,000, whichever is lower.

Fight for Financial Compensation with an Orangeburg Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A catastrophic injury is one that is so severe that you may need a lifetime of costly medical care. Your bills may be piling up if you are unable to work, and supporting your family could become a struggle. Your life is forever altered because your body does not function as it used to.

While you heal and rebuild your life, we can handle the legal issues that arise. Our law firm is committed to this mission. An Orangeburg catastrophic injury lawyer is available to hear your story so call now to begin the process.

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