Nursing homes are supposed to be safe and nurturing environments where senior citizens can receive the care that they need from nurses and other support staff. Sadly, due to either abuse or neglect, elderly residents commonly suffer serious harm and do not receive the care they need. By allowing these incidents to occur, nursing homes may become liable for any resulting physical injuries.

Proving instances of nursing home abuse can often be difficult. It may require a thorough understanding of the obligations of these care facilities, a complete examination of a resident’s records, and speaking with witnesses who may have observed the neglect or abuse. Obtaining proper compensation also requires a knowledge of the law and the ability to forcefully deal with these care facilities.

Fortunately, our Orangeburg nursing home abuse lawyers could help injured residents and their family members. Our personal injury attorneys could stand up to neglectful or abusive nursing homes and seek the compensation that residents deserve.

Duties and Obligations of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes have a duty under the law to prevent injuries from affecting their residents. This includes both protecting these residents against accidental injuries and taking appropriate steps to limit the chances for intentional abuse.

Firstly, assisted care facilities must ensure a safe living environment for residents. This includes preventing potential slips and falls by having hand railings and having enough staff members on duty at any given time. Oftentimes when there are not enough caretakers, residents may suffer from bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, and accidental choking. This legal responsibility also includes preventing accidental injuries that result from improperly trained staff.

Nursing homes are also required to take action whenever they suspect intentional abuse. Failure to punish staff members who are abusive can lead to residents who suffer injuries as a result of slapping, unnecessary restraints, intentional withholding of medication, or attacks. An Orangeburg attorney could provide more information about the duties of nursing homes to protect their residents and take the lead in investigating the sources of their abuse or neglect.

Seeking Fair Payments from At-Fault Nursing Homes

If a nursing home is to blame for an injury that results from neglect or abuse, they have a legal obligation to provide appropriate compensation. However, it falls to an injured resident or their family members to demonstrate what compensation is appropriate.

As the central aspect of many nursing home abuse cases is the resulting physical injuries, a claim should demand compensation to cover the costs of all necessary medical care. An Orangeburg lawyer could take the lead in pursuing nursing home abuse cases for their full value.

Speak with an Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Injuries that result from nursing home abuse are sadly common. Senior citizens living in these facilities are fully dependent upon nurses and other support staff to receive proper care and remain safe from harm. Instances of neglect or abuse can result in significant injuries that affect a resident’s physical health.

An Orangeburg nursing home abuse lawyer could help if your elderly loved one suffered injuries as a result of improper care. Our team could take the necessary steps to explain the obligations of nursing homes to keep its residents safe and seek out appropriate remedies. Give Whetstone Perkins & Fulda a call today to discover more.

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