Accidents involving large commercial trucks are almost always serious. 18-wheelers are significantly heavier and larger than most other vehicles on the road, so when they crash into another automobile, the occupants of that car frequently sustain serious injuries. Jackknife truck accidents in Marion are particularly devastating because they often cause damage to more than one vehicle at the same time, which can result in multiple losses.

When a jackknife trucking wreck harms you or a loved one, you might be able to seek monetary damages in a civil suit. A skilled local lawyer from Whetstone Perkins & Fulda could help you determine if pursuing a legal claim is a smart option for you and your family. Call today to begin working with a trusted truck accident attorney.

After Effects of Jackknifing Crashes

Jackknifing occurs when the front section or cab of a tractor-trailer stops in one place, but its trailer continues to move to the side. The resulting 90-degree angle of the cab and trailer looks like an open pocketknife. Once a jackknifing situation starts to occur, there is little a truck driver can do to stop it. If the incident happens on a multilane highway, the skidding trailer can move across several lanes of traffic, crushing the cars in its path and forcing them to crash into other cars, sometimes resulting in a multicar pileup. Jackknifing trailers can also result in underride accidents, where a smaller car gets stuck under the swinging trailer.

People in the smaller cars struck by jackknifing trailers frequently sustain catastrophic injuries, such as crushed bones, broken bones, internal organ damage, head injuries, and spinal injuries. Sadly, jackknifing can also result in fatalities. A compassionate attorney from Whetstone Perkins & Fulda could help you seek your rightful compensation for all you have lost. If your loved one died in a jackknife accident in Marion, they could also help you seek accountability and justice in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Possible Reasons Why a Truck Might Jackknife

Jackknifing can occur on Marion roads for several reasons.


Competently operating and maintaining control of a large commercial truck takes skill, experience, and proper training. Many jackknifing incidents happen when truckers do not know how to handle their vehicles. Inexperienced truck drivers might not know how to respond to changing road conditions or how to use a tractor-trailer’s complicated braking system. If a trucker tries to brake too fast or make a turn that is too tight, they could lose control of the truck, causing the trailer to jackknife. The negligent truck driver’s employer could be liable for failure to train the driver.

Unbalanced Cargo

Trailers can also skid when a truck becomes imbalanced due to improperly loaded cargo. If a trucking company puts all of a truck’s freight onto one side of a trailer, the truck could veer to one side, resulting in a jackknife. An injured party might be able to sue the trucking or loading company.

Mechanical Problems

Jackknifing can also happen when a truck’s parts fail to function correctly due to inherent manufacturing defects or improper maintenance. Faulty brakes or cable hitches could cause a truck to jackknife. A diligent attorney could help pursue damages from a trucking company that failed to maintain their truck or a manufacturer for producing faulty parts.

A trusted legal team could investigate why the jackknife happened and pursue a claim against all of the at-fault parties.

Talk to a Marion Attorney About a Jackknife Trucking Crash

When you witness a truck jackknife, it can be scary to observe. If you are a party to a jackknife truck accident in Marion, the experience can be even more terrifying. You might face a grueling recuperation, filled with medical visits and costly expenses.

Talk to a seasoned attorney from Whetstone Perkins & Fulda who has extensive experience with these complex types of accidents. Our team understands how to help you.

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