Commercial truck crashes are different than other kinds of motor vehicle accidents. More than one person is often legally to blame. The truck driver, trucking company, and insurance companies all might fight to protect their interests. When this happens, you need a legal representative who can fight to protect your legal rights. If the truck driver who struck you was drunk, you need to work with a strong legal team who knows how to help.

Drunk driving truck accidents in Marion can be devastating. A knowledgeable attorney could discuss the options and remedies available under state injury law.

Types of Injuries that Follow Impaired Driving Truck Crashes

Most trucks are significantly heavier and larger than cars. A truck striking a smaller passenger vehicle can completely crush the car. Even if the truck is traveling slowly, the collision’s impact could force a smaller, struck vehicle into the car in front of them, out of their lane, or even off the road entirely. As a result, the injuries to the passengers and occupants of vehicles struck by trucks are almost always devastating. Frequently, people suffer the following types of injuries in trucking crashes:

  • Broken bones
  • Crushed limbs, sometimes even leading to amputations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Back and neck injuries, including herniated discs and paralysis
  • Head injuries, including brain trauma
  • Lacerations, cuts, and bruises, some of which can turn into disfiguring scars

The debilitating effects of a drunk-driving truck wreck can linger long after the crash in Marion. Accident survivors might need follow-up medical care, surgeries, rehabilitation, and caregiver assistance. In addition, they might also need help to address their psychological wounds. A seasoned attorney could thoroughly evaluate a survivor’s losses to pursue a fair compensation award.

Sadly, some truck crashes result in fatalities. Compassionate lawyers understand the heartbreak of losing a loved one to a drunk driver. A legal team could work hard to obtain justice in a wrongful death suit.

Standards Involving Impaired Truckers

Drunk driving is a major concern for all drivers. After drinking, a motorist’s vision can become blurred, their reaction time becomes slower, and their judgment is impaired. A drunk driver is more likely to lose control of their motor vehicle, and they are less able to respond appropriately to avoid an accident. Marijuana use, opioid painkillers, and even over-the-counter medications can also impair a motorist’s ability to operate their vehicle safely.

Because commercial truck drivers operate such large vehicles and are professional drivers, there are even stricter laws against drunk driving for truckers. While drivers of passenger vehicles could face charges of driving under the influence when their blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher, commercial truck drivers must adhere to a stricter standard. Truckers can face drunk driving charges when their blood alcohol content is significantly lower, at .04 percent. Federal trucking laws also prohibit truckers from driving for at least four hours after drinking alcohol. In addition, trucking companies are supposed to test their drivers for drugs and alcohol regularly.

A seasoned attorney could investigate an accident to learn whether the truck driver was impaired. They could examine the police report, follow the correct procedural channels to obtain copies of the driver’s medical records, including the drug and blood alcohol tests, and speak to eyewitnesses to see what they observed. The legal team could also check to see if the truck driver’s employer complied with federal alcohol and drug testing requirements. If they did not, the trucking company could be liable for the crash caused by their drunk employee in Marion.

Speak to an Attorney About Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Marion

Trucking crashes frequently cause life-changing injuries. If the wreck happened because the truck driver was impaired, you probably feel even angrier and overwhelmed. A knowledgeable attorney could help you fight back by channeling your anger into seeking recovery in a legal claim. Truckers should not get away with drunk driving truck accidents in Marion. Speak with Whetstone, Perkins & Fulda today about fighting for fair compensation for what the accident cost your family.

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