Many of us have memories of being teenage drivers, so as adults, we know young drivers are willing to take risks. While there are safe young motorists on the road who adhere to traffic laws, there are also teenage drivers seeking to have as much fun as possible with their newfound freedom. Unfortunately, this makes teen driving accidents common and often catastrophic. Even though these drivers are young, they must face the consequences when their actions harm others.

If you or someone you love are hurt in a teen driving accident in Marion, a car collision attorney could assist you in holding both the child and their parents accountable.

Prevalence of Teen Driving Accidents

Teenage drivers are new drivers, indicating a clear reason for the prevalence of accidents involving teenagers. Driving is a skill that is continuously developed through real-life situations, and most teen drivers have not yet had the opportunity to develop these skills. Not everyone is expected to be perfect on the road, but often, teenagers are more prone to engage in illegal acts behind the wheel. For example, inexperienced teens are more likely to turn into the wrong lane or make a turn when a sign reads “no turn on red.”

Teens are also more likely to drive with friends, blasting music and engaging in conversations that take their eyes off the road. Along with this comes the negatives of peer pressure, making young people more prone to partake in illicit activity. Adding drugs or alcohol to the equation could produce traffic disasters.

The non-use of seatbelts is common among teens, as is texting while driving. Both of these actions are illegal in Marion and South Carolina at large, and an attorney could use evidence of these behaviors to prove liability in a teen driving accident claim.

Parents May Be Liable for a Teen’s Conduct

Teen drivers typically start out by using vehicles insured under their parent’s name. Since the parents may loan the car out to their child to drive, they can be held vicariously liable for their child’s irresponsible acts. Responsibility does not end with a parent being on the hook for insurance costs; they can also be sued.

South Carolina Code § 56-1-110 holds that when a child acts with misconduct deemed as willful, the parent is jointly liable if they signed their child’s license or permit application. Parents being responsible for the collision does not leave the teen off the hook. Any person 15 years of age or older is viewed as morally culpable for their illegality.

What Happens After Filing?

Depending on how the other side responds, the case could be solved through a settlement or go to trial. The injured plaintiff’s lawyer should provide continuous updates on the case status and get consent from the client before making any significant decisions. Whether the case is settled or goes to trial, the plaintiff and their attorney must be able to prove the reckless teen is over 51 percent at fault for the collision to recover financial damages. A Marion lawyer could determine what avenues are most likely to result in fair compensation for injured individuals after a teen driving accident.

Contact a Teen Driving Accidents Attorney in Marion

After a teen driving accident in Marion, the number one thing to do is prioritize your safety. Speak with law enforcement and seek medical treatment. While you manage your recovery and spend time with loved ones, our attorneys could get to work pursuing compensation on your behalf. Call Whetstone Perkins & Fulda to learn how our lawyers can support you through this challenging time.

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