Despite lower speed limits, a range of accident scenarios are possible in parking lots. Disputes over parking are commonplace in public lots, and these quarrels can lead to collisions. A distracted driver could hit a pedestrian walking to their car, or a drunk motorist could back into a parked car as they are leaving the liquor store.

Regardless of the cause of the crash, people who are hurt by reckless drivers in parking lot accidents in Marion could have the right to collect compensation. If you or a family member were in a parking lot, call an auto accident attorney at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda to discuss your next steps.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Parking Lot Collisions

Parking lots often have many vehicles in a closed space, which poses a danger even when these vehicles are moving at low speeds. Some precautions people could take in Marion parking lots to avoid collisions are:

  • Look both ways
  • Look behind when reversing
  • Use left and right turning signals
  • Drive slowly and follow traffic signs
  • Be aware of risky behavior from other drivers
  • Keep small children in close view at all times

When collisions occur in public and private parking lots during the day, there is an increased likelihood of witnesses; this likelihood decreases at night. Be that as it may, in any incident, drivers in SC are legally required to stop and try to help injured persons (South Carolina Code § 56-5-1220).

Drivers involved in collisions must also exchange license and insurance information. Following an accident, wait for emergency and law enforcement services to arrive. A formal police report can be essential for later injury claims.

Complexities of Parking Lot Accident Claims

Parking lot crash lawsuits can be complex because so much can be going on in a parking lot at once. Further, in these cases, it is often hard to find available witnesses, and businesses might only accept turning over video evidence if a person is representing themselves in a case. Figuring out who had the right of way also poses challenges, which means an accident reconstructionist is likely needed as an expert witness to prove which driver failed to yield.

Since SC is a modified comparative negligence state, the careless driver must be at least 50 percent liable for the collision (SC Code §15-38-15) for injured parties to recover compensation. Organized and highly persuasive documents and arguments are required to meet the evidentiary standard required to prove liability in court cases.

Though anyone injured in a crash has three years to file a personal injury case, this time moves quickly, particularly while managing a physical recovery. A Marion lawyer could gather and organize all available evidence from a parking lot collision to build the strongest possible case on an injured survivor’s behalf.

Call a Marion Attorney After a Parking Lot Accident

Parking lot accidents can serve as the basis for recovering compensation through a personal injury claim. A successful claim allows injured survivors to collect payments to cover their medical debt as well as continuous healthcare treatment. However, being able to recover this compensation requires clear evidence demonstrating how another person’s negligence led to the crash.

At Whetstone Perkins & Fulda, our injury attorneys are familiar with the process of investigating parking lot accidents in Marion. Reach out to us for help collecting the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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