Marion’s roads are busy, making vehicle collisions a common occurrence. By far, one of the most common types of accidents here and throughout South Carolina is rear-end collisions. Anyone who has been involved in a rear-end car accident in Marion should call an experienced lawyer for assistance in seeking compensation.

There are many ways that a lawyer could help someone who has been injured in a rear-end car accident. An accident attorney could handle negotiations with insurance companies and help someone seek compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and property damage in the aftermath of a crash. Schedule your consultation today for help with building your case.

Tailgating and Vehicle Safety Laws

There are several rules of the road in Marion that are aimed at preventing rear-end car crashes. One of them is section 56-5-1210 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, which states that a driver of a motor vehicle should not follow another car more closely than is reasonable, considering the speed of the vehicles and the condition of the highway.

Another law is section 56-5-1270, which says that a driver must always keep control of their vehicle. Seatbelts are required, too (section 56-5-1538). A knowledgeable attorney could offer more information about relevant vehicle safety laws based on the specifics of a case.

Common Injuries as a Result of Rear-End Car Crashes

Rear-end car wrecks can cause a wide range of injuries depending on the location of the crash and the speed at which both vehicles were traveling. One of the most frequent types of injuries from these types of collisions is whiplash, a neck injury that happens when the head moves suddenly forward and then quickly backward. Survivors of these rear-end collisions may also experience:

An experienced Marion attorney could pursue compensation for every loss someone experiences, whether it is physical, financial, or emotional, after a rear-end car accident.

The Importance of Working With Legal Counsel

As described by section 15-38-15 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, South Carolina is a comparative negligence state. This means that if a plaintiff is partially at fault, they can still recover damages so long as they are not more negligent than others involved in the accident. If they are more than 51 percent at fault, the accident survivor is barred from recovery.

This legal concept may lead rival insurers and opposing counsel to try and prove that a plaintiff is to blame for the accident and their injuries, thus reducing or negating the insurer’s or defendant’s liability. Working with a Marion attorney is essential for rear-end accident survivors to have a fair shot at securing the full amount of compensation they deserve.

Call a Marion Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Today

Being involved in any type of car accident is traumatic. After a rear-end car accident in Marion, you might be facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, compounded by lost wages from time off work during your recovery. Dealing with insurers and the legal system on your own can be a fraught process, adding to these challenges. Our attorneys are here to help.

Call an experienced accident attorney to get started on recovering what you are owed. We are here to support you through every stage of the injury claim process.

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