One of the most frequent causes of automobile collisions is distracted driving. A motorist who gets distracted while operating a vehicle decides to put their entertainment before the safety of others. If their actions result in a collision causing physical harm, that person should be responsible for covering the damage.

If you or someone you love were in a distracted driving car accident in Marion, an attorney could get you the monetary compensation you need to cover your medical treatments without financial stress. Call the auto accident attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda for a consultation.

It Is Illegal to Text and Drive in South Carolina

As the mantra always goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse. To this end, it does not matter if a motorist knows that it is illegal to text while driving in South Carolina; they are in the wrong if their illegal actions create a collision resulting in harm to another driver. According to South Carolina Code § 56-5-3890, an individual operating a vehicle shall not hold an electronic device to write, read, or send a text while traveling on the state’s freeways and streets.

Electronic device refers to a telephone, computer, personal digital assistant, and any other handheld device. Therefore, if the risky driver uses a tablet, it is a prohibited electronic device even though it is not explicitly included in the statute’s list.

The exception to South Carolina’s hands-free act is that an electronic device is allowable once a car is stopped or parked. Using a device is also permitted when a person is calling emergency services or using a global positioning system (GPS). Law enforcement and paramedic personnel are also exempt from these laws while performing their job duties.

If a motorist sees the negligent driver texting just before they crash into their vehicle, they should mention it to law enforcement either at the scene or after receiving medical services. Not only will the driver receive a ticket between $25-50, but this information could also help a Marion attorney prove negligence for the distracted driving collision.

Pursuing Compensation From a Distracted Driver

During an initial consultation, an attorney asks an accident survivor for a list of potential damages they believe they experienced because of a distracted driver’s mistakes. The attorney also offers guidance on potential damages a person may not have known they are able to recover through an injury claim. Economic damages are not just limited to the actual cost of medical bills and car repairs, and could include future anticipated costs of treatment and lost income.

Non-economic damages are also an option. For example, a person who now has paralysis because of the accident could collect compensation for the professional and mental anguish they now have to live with. After a distracted driving car crash, a Marion attorney could work to maximize the amount of compensation available to injured parties.

Reach Out to a Distracted Driver Car Accident Attorney in Marion

You could have the right to recover financial compensation from the inattentive driver who caused your injuries. A driver may be distracted for any number of reasons, and even a single moment of daydreaming may lead to liability in civil courts.

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