Drinking impairs motor skills and affects an individual’s nervous system significantly. Drunk drivers cause many severe accidents, a substantial portion of them fatal, in South Carolina every year. Therefore, the state takes the offense seriously. Not only will they prosecute the individual in criminal court, but the civil court will also hold them financially responsible.

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Establishing Fault for Drunk Driving Car Wrecks

If police officers determine that the at-fault driver caused the accident because of impairment from drugs or alcohol, this is often enough for you to establish fault for your injuries and losses. Documentation may include arrest records or the accident report the officer completes during the investigation. When intoxicated motorists cause crashes, they often face both civil and criminal liability.

The primary element of establishing negligence is to show the other party breached the standard of care everyone owes to other people while driving and that the violation was the direct cause of your harm and damages. The attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda have extensive experience with handling cases resulting from drunk driving car crashes in Columbia. Our team could thoroughly investigate and analyze the evidence to help build a solid claim.

Award for Damages After a DUI Crash

The ramifications of an accident caused by intoxicated drivers in Columbia can be severe and lasting, including painful and debilitating bodily injuries and costly property damage. Motorists also commonly sustain mental and emotional injuries from the trauma they experience. After proving fault, the court may award damages for the following:

  • Medical care, including ambulance fees, emergency room visits, doctor’s office or specialist appointments, surgical procedures, and ongoing care necessary as a result of the collision
  • Physical and psychological therapy, prescriptions, and medical equipment
  • Payment for lost wages and benefits you experience while recuperating
  • Emotional and mental distress and anguish
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life

The court considers the severity of the physical, psychological, and financial damages you sustain and how they will continue to affect you. It also considers the actions of the at-fault party leading up to the crash.

Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims

Civil law sets strict time limitations on when people pursue damages in personal injury cases. Under the South Carolina Code of Laws § 15-3-530, the claimant must file the case within three years of the accident with few exceptions. When someone attempts to file the claim after the statutory deadline, the at-fault party has the legal right to request the court to dismiss the case.

Call an Experienced Attorney About Columbia Drunk Driving Car Accidents

Personal injury laws could entitle you to monetary damages when you sustain harm in a drunk driving car accident in Columbia. Evidence of the at-fault party’s arrest or conviction after the collision establishes they breached their legal obligation to act with care.

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