Taxi cabs provide a convenient mode of transportation for many people across the country. However, with a surplus of taxis on the road, accidents are becoming more common. Injured parties often include passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists. When these incidents occur, the consequences can be severe, leading to physical harm, emotional distress, and financial burdens.

If you were injured while taking a cab, you must know your legal rights. The laws governing taxis are often multifaceted and differ from state to state. It can be overwhelming to navigate the legal process alone, especially if the vehicle belongs to a large company with a legal team.

Our personal injury team could take the load off your shoulders. At Whetstone Perkins & Fulda, our dedicated car crash attorneys understand the complexities of cases concerning taxi accidents in Columbia. We are committed to fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries in Taxi Accidents

People who are harmed in cab wrecks can experience injuries like those in any other kind of car accident. These can range from minor to severe injuries and commonly include:

A diligent Columbia attorney could evaluate your injuries and losses to determine your taxi accident claim’s success.

Understanding Who Can Be Held Responsible

One of the most critical steps after a taxi accident is determining who you can hold liable for damages. In South Carolina, liability can fall on multiple parties depending on the circumstances of the accident.

The Taxi Driver

If the taxi driver acted negligently, such as by speeding, driving distracted, or under the influence, you can sue them for damages. Further, drivers can be held liable if they fail to adhere to traffic laws, signals, and regulations.

The Taxi Company

The taxi company is another potential party you can hold responsible. They may be liable for the actions of their drivers under “respondeat superior.” This legal concept refers to an employer being accountable for their employees’ actions within the scope of their employment. Companies are responsible for training employees, hiring responsibly, and properly maintaining their vehicle fleet.

The Manufacturer or Maintenance Provider

The vehicle manufacturer or maintenance provider could be an at-fault party. If the collision was caused by a defect in the taxi or one of its parts (such as brake failure or tire blowout), the manufacturer of the vehicle or a specific part could be sued. Further, a maintenance provider can be liable if it did not correctly provide repairs or address known issues.

These are only some possible parties that could be at fault for your injuries. By consulting with a taxi accident lawyer in Columbia, you could hold the right people accountable for getting the compensation you deserve.

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