Rear-end accidents, also called fender-benders, are the most common collisions occurring on roadways nationwide, and the risk increases in high-traffic areas. These wrecks happen when a vehicle crashes into the back of another and occur for many reasons. They are almost always the result of driver negligence, such as driving distracted or following too closely.

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Determining Fault for Rear-End Crashes

Various factors, such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, tailgating, and adverse weather conditions, can result in fender-benders. Determining the cause and at-fault party to a rear-end wreck is usually a complex process. Generally, the person who strikes the other driver from behind is liable for damages because they failed to leave the proper amount of space between themselves and the driver in front of them or failed to notice they stopped because of lack of attention. There are also cases where the leading driver shares responsibility, such as abruptly slamming on their brakes without a valid reason.

Motorists can help prevent crashes and keep the roadways safe by following safety rules and traffic regulations and remaining cautious and alert while behind the wheel. An attorney experienced with lawsuits resulting from rear-end car crashes in Columbia could determine the cause of a collision and gather the vital evidence needed to collect compensation from the liable party.

Potential Recoverable Damages

The settlement amount for a rear-end accident depends on specifics, such as the seriousness of bodily harm, property damage, and other losses. The potential recoverable damages include medical care and ongoing healthcare services and treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Keeping Yourself Safe on Roads and Highways

Columbia rear-end car crashes are common, and there is no way to avoid them altogether. However, adherence to safety rules and guidelines and using the available technology can significantly reduce collisions. The National Transportation Safety Board conducted numerous studies to determine the leading causes of rear-end crashes and the most effective ways to avoid them.

According to their studies, nearly 90 percent of fender-benders happen because drivers fail to remain cautious and attend to the traffic in front of them. Recent technology, such as safety features including automatic emergency braking or alerting systems, can also help mitigate the risks and prevent them from occurring. Collision avoidance systems consist of sounds to alert motorists that they are too close to an object or vehicle in front of them, and some include crash imminent braking, which automatically applies the vehicle’s brakes.

Call a Knowledgeable Attorney About Columbia Rear-End Car Accidents

You can seek legal action to recover your losses if you sustain painful injuries and other losses in a fender-bender because of another driver’s negligence. Building a solid case to prove the other driver is liable for the damages requires a detailed investigation, evidence review, and strong knowledge of the civil court process.

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