If you or a loved one is involved in a side-impact/T-Bone car accident in Orangeburg, you should make speaking with skilled legal counsel your top priority. A dedicated auto accident attorney could review evidence to determine who is at fault as well as what financial damages you may be able to recover for your injuries. An Orangeburg T-Bone attorney can also help victims effectively communicate with insurance companies, other third parties, hospitals, jurors, judges, and potentially government officials.

Side-Impact Car Accidents Explained

T-bone collisions can happen in a flash. These types of accidents occur when the driver of one car crashes into the side of another vehicle. Some of the main reasons T-Bone car crashes occur are:

  • A negligent driver driving illegally driving through a busy intersection or four-way stop;
  • A negligent driver making an improper turn without yielding to other vehicles;
  • A negligent driver is exceeding the posted speed limit and disregards oncoming traffic; and
  • Poor weather conditions.

Sometimes, it can be difficult in a personal injury case to determine who was responsible for causing a T-Bone collision. After a side-impact vehicle crash, an Orangeburg attorney could look at the accident scene and any other available evidence to see if an injured person has an ample claim for compensation.

Types of Injuries in Side-Impact Collisions

T-bone car crashes in Orangeburg often cause severe and even life-threatening injuries. Some common injuries that result from these types of collisions are:

After an injured party receives medical attention, takes pictures of the accident, and speaks with officers on the scene, they should call an injury attorney to discuss pursuing a civil claim against the negligent driver.

Recoverable Damages in T-Bone Crash Claims

A survivor of a side-impact crash may be able to pursue financial damages if they can prove the crash was a result of another person’s negligence. If successful, the injured person could pursue compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, decreased quality of life, and emotional distress.

One factor that can complicate side impact collision cases is South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence law. Under this law, the person bringing the lawsuit can only recover monetary damages if they can prove another person is at least 51% responsible for the collision. Otherwise, they are barred from receiving any compensation.

An Orangeburg T-Bone car collision attorney has years of experience determining recoverable damages in these types of personal injury cases. An injury lawyer could work to dispute claims of comparative negligence and help you complete all necessary legal work to make a strong claim within filing deadlines.

Call an Orangeburg Attorney After a Side-Impact/T-Bone Car Crash

Side-impact/T-bone car accidents in Orangeburg are some of the deadliest types of crashes our attorneys see, and we are dedicated to supporting crash survivors through this challenging time. Our firm’s car accident attorneys could help survivors and their family members pursue financial damages to the fullest extent permissible under law. To file a case before the three-year filing deadline, call or email to speak with a dedicated legal professional today.

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