Rollover car accidents are not common, but when they occur, you should ensure you take the best possible steps to protect your rights and future. These crashes, when a vehicle rolls on its side or roof, can sadly result in extreme injuries and possible death.

A skilled lawyer is knowledgeable about how to navigate the legal process after a rollover car accident. If you or a loved one is involved in a rollover car crash, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention. When you are ready to take legal measures, contact a car accident attorney at our firm for assistance. We could help protect your rights by providing adequate and thorough representation.

Some Primary Reasons Why Rollover Car Accidents Occur

There are many reasons why rollover car crashes can happen. However, many of these accidents involve a single vehicle, making liability difficult to determine. Some of the primary reasons for rollover car crashes are:

  • Failure of a local, municipal, state government, or property owner to adequately maintain roads and highways;
  • Poor weather conditions limiting visibility of objects on the road;
  • A driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • A driver exceeding the legally posted speed limit;
  • A driver steering too much or too quickly to avoid a potential collision; and
  • A driver who did not properly secure items on or in their vehicle

After a rollover car accident, injured parties may find themselves in long and complex negotiations with insurance companies, legal professionals, and potentially third parties like car manufacturers or dealerships. These communications can be overwhelming for someone to manage effectively while also recovering from their injuries. An Orangeburg rollover car crash attorney could handle these negotiations on an accident survivor’s behalf, working to increase the amount of compensation that may be recoverable for their injuries.

Collecting Damages for Injuries

Common injuries in a rollover car accident can include injuries to abdominal organs, bruises and cuts from glass, damage to the brain and skull, injuries to the neck and spine, fractures to bones, and muscle tears. An Orangeburg attorney could help injured parties pursue the maximum available possible compensation after a rollover vehicle crash.

People involved in a rollover car crash are often under the impression they cannot recover damages when the accident does not involve other negligent motorists. This is not always the case, and under South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence law, victims and families still may be able to recover damages. Under South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence law, if the person bringing the lawsuit can prove another entity, for example, the government division responsible for maintaining safe roads, is at least 51% responsible for the collision, they can recover monetary damages. Our legal professionals have the experience needed to exhaust all possible options for securing an injured person with fair compensation.

Call Orangeburg Attorney if You Were Involved in a Rollover Car Accident

After rollover car accidents in Orangeburg, a local lawyer could help injured parties recover financial damages from negligent parties. However, you do not have unlimited time to consider your legal options. To file a case before the three-year deadline, call or email to speak to a seasoned attorney at our firm today.

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