It can be devastating to consider that a medication you took to help alleviate your symptoms or manage your pain actually caused you harm instead. However, just because you have suffered harm after taking a dangerous drug does not automatically make its manufacturer liable. Instead, state law requires you to show that the manufacturer was responsible for your injuries under established concepts of product liability.

These cases can be complex, but a Kingstree dangerous drugs lawyer could work to connect your injury and subsequent losses to your interaction with a specific substance. The seasoned team of injury attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda could obtain the evidence needed to show that a drug manufacturer failed to protect you and should be liable for your losses.

Drug Manufacturers Must Comply With Product Liability Laws

State law holds the makers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs to similar, if not higher, standards than the manufacturers of consumer products. Facilities must rigorously test any medication before they distribute onto the market to ensure it is generally safe and effective. They must also clearly outline any known side effects or dangerous interactions associated with the drug and provide clear instructions for safe consumer use. Despite these regulations, drug manufacturers and their legal counsel may dispute claims that they are liable for compensation.

Pursuant to South Carolina Code § 15-73-10, drug makers are liable for the damage their products cause if they reach the hands of patients in the same condition as when they left the factory. A plaintiff must demonstrate that no one else had tampered with the medication and that a fundamental design issue, manufacturing flaw, or improper instructions had made the substance dangerous to consume. A Kingstree attorney could help prove that a company manufactured a drug in a dangerous condition and should be responsible for the resulting harm.

Recoverable Damages in a Dangerous Drugs Case

People who suffer injuries because of the actions of others deserve the full compensation that they need to set things right. This same concept applies to people who are harmed by the effects of a dangerous drug.

The physical injuries or health conditions that unsafe medications cause are typically the basis for a compensation claim. Recoverable damages along these lines could include the costs of emergency care, hospitalizations, and any rehabilitative sessions. Economic damages may also be available to reimburse lost wages from the time someone had to take off work to recover from their injuries. A seasoned Kingstree lawyer could help assess someone’s losses because of a dangerous drug and build the strongest possible case on their behalf.

A Kingstree Dangerous Drugs Attorney is Prepared to Fight for You

Though medications are meant to heal and treat people’s pain, dangerous drugs can end up on the market with devastating consequences. Developing a condition or suffering harm because of a dangerous drug may impact not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being and ability to return to work. If the medication’s manufacturer was negligent in allowing its unsafe distribution, you could have the right to seek out fair compensation.

An experienced Kingstree dangerous drugs lawyer could take every step possible to help you collect these payments. The attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda are prepared to explain your rights, obtain evidence about the incident, and demand that drug makers provide the compensation that you deserve. Reach out today to learn more.

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