Many accident-related injuries only temporarily affect your life. Even though you may suffer harsh physical injuries, substantial financial loss, and an appreciable decline in quality of life, most people can make a full recovery from less severe injuries. However, a small set of personal injuries have more permanent consequences. For this reason, we call them “catastrophic.”

Anyone who suffers a catastrophic injury deserves compensation sufficient to return stability and comfort to their life. A Kingstree catastrophic injury lawyer with Whetstone Perkins & Fulda could offer invaluable help. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could investigate the cause of an injury, evaluate its effect on your life, and pursue the payments that you deserve.

Defining Catastrophic Injury

In simple terms, a catastrophic injury is one that will permanently affect your life. This means that even prompt and competent medical care will not be enough for a full recovery. Catastrophic injuries can occur under a variety of circumstances. These can include:

Understanding the seriousness of an injury is a crucial step in pursuing appropriate compensation from at-fault parties. A Kingstree catastrophic injury attorney could work to establish a connection between your injuries and someone else’s actions.

Seeking Appropriate Compensation from At-Fault Parties

The concept of negligence holds that people who injure others are legally and financially liable for the damages they cause. This applies both in cases of minor and catastrophic injury. The first step in any case is to collect the evidence necessary to establish fault. A Kingstree lawyer experienced in catastrophic injury cases knows what to look for and how to find it.

It is also vital to connect your losses to the actions of the at-fault party. These losses often include medical bills, emotional traumas, lost quality of life, and lost wages. Forming complete demand packages that evaluate not just the past impact of an injury but also the potential future economic harm is another way an attorney could help.

When to File Your Claim

State law places a strict time limit following an injury within which you must demand compensation. Pursuant to South Carolina Code § 15-3-530, you generally have no more than three years after an injury to bring your case forward. Calling Whetstone Perkins & Fulda as soon as possible allows us to get to work providing the best possible assistance.

Get in Touch with a Kingstree Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

Catastrophic injuries are devastating events that will affect every aspect of your life. Injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and even severe burns will require constant medical care in the future and can considerably diminish your quality of life and ability to support your family.

A Kingstree catastrophic injury lawyer is ready to fight for you. They work to build powerful cases that not only prove fault for an incident but also place blame on the parties responsible for your losses. Reach out right away to learn more.

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