Unlike cars and trucks, bicycles do not provide any protection for a rider. Even when wearing a helmet, colliding with a vehicle or fixed object could result in life-altering injuries. When another person’s negligence causes these accidents, a dedicated injury attorney might be able to help.

Through a successful injury claim, you could secure damages for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. A Kingstree bicycle accident lawyer could investigate who might be at fault in your case and help you hold at-fault parties accountable through legal action. The dedicated personal injury team at Whetsone Purkins & Fulda is here to help.

Common Injuries from Bicycle Wrecks

Bicycle crashes frequently result in serious and even fatal injuries. These injuries can be substantially worse when a cyclist experiences the impact of a vehicle. When an accident throws a cyclist off their bike, they could suffer additional injuries when they strike the ground. Some common injuries that can result from bicycle accidents include:

  • Cuts, bruises, and lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Sprains and strains
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Paralysis

It may seem overwhelming to take legal action while recovering from a collision. A Kingstree bicycle accident attorney could pursue a case for compensation based on any of these injuries. This compensation could cover the cost of both current and anticipated medical care and place a value on the physical pain and emotional suffering associated with the collision.

Establishing Liability in a Bicycle Accident

Being struck by a motorist while on your bicycle can be traumatic, and the consequences may last far into the future. While these accidents are typically the driver’s fault, not every bicycle accident makes a viable personal injury case. For a cyclist to recover compensation, they must be able to show the driver that struck them was negligent. There are four elements to negligence and failing to prove even one of them could result in an unfavorable outcome.

First, a plaintiff must show that the other motorist had a duty of care. This duty is the responsibility motorists have to share the road with bicyclists and drive safely. The second element of negligence is proving that the motorist breached this duty of care. Examples include a motorist failing to yield the right of way or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Third, the plaintiff must prove that there is a link between the motorist’s breached duty of care and the injuries they suffered as a result.

The final step in the process of establishing negligence is to prove the extent of damages. Cyclists have a wide range of damages they may be able to recover after a collision, including lost wages, medical bills, and bicycle repair expenses. A Kingstree bicycle collision lawyer could review how an accident occurred to determine your legal options for financial recovery.

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Bicycle accident injuries can disrupt your entire life. A settlement cannot undo the injuries you sustained, but financial compensation could help you regain the quality of life you lost. While you focus on your recovery, let a seasoned attorney at Whetstone Purkins & Fulda take the lead.

A Kingstree bicycle accident lawyer could evaluate your losses and help demonstrate how another party is liable for them. Reach out right away to schedule a private consultation.

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