How many times have you slipped and corrected your balance before falling over? Or, how often have you tripped over something and fallen to the ground only to bounce right back up with a laugh? Thankfully, most people can get up and brush themselves off after falling. Most slips, trips, and falls result in just a little embarrassment for people. However, not everyone who falls is as fortunate. Some people suffer life-altering injuries after a fall.

If you or your loved one sustained injuries in a fall on someone else’s property, you might be eligible to obtain financial compensation. A Marion slip and fall lawyer could help pursue a claim. Our team of personal injury attorneys is ready to review your case.

Claims Following Slips, Trips, and Falls Involve Premises Liability Issues

Legal claims involving slip and falls arise under the area of injury law known as premises liability. According to premises liability law, owners owe a duty of care to all people who legally visit their property to ensure there are no hazards that could cause someone to trip and fall. People can fall almost anywhere, both inside and outside. Often, these falls happen because a property owner, manager, or caretaker was negligent in the upkeep and maintenance of their property.

Landowners and anyone else in charge are supposed to use reasonable efforts to prevent unsafe conditions from occurring or remaining on their properties. If a property’s caretaker fails to care for their property and someone falls and suffers an injury, that caretaker could be legally responsible for the cost of the injured person’s losses. A dedicated attorney in Marion could explain how premises liability law might apply to a particular slip and fall accident.

Types of Hazards that Cause People to Fall

Falls can occur inside private homes, commercial buildings, stores, workplaces, rental apartments, and public buildings. People can slip on wet, sticky, or slippery floors. They can also fall over dangers in their walking paths, such as unexpected debris or obstacles in an aisle. Falls can occur when the walking surface is uneven due to bunched-up or frayed carpeting, raised floorboards and steps, or raised electrical cords on the floor.

Tripping accidents can also happen outdoors in residential yards, commercial yards, construction worksites, public parks, or public streets. Sometimes, people slip on icy sidewalks, uncleared parking lots, wet steps, or entryways. They might also trip on loose gravel, a pothole, uneven or cracked pavement or sidewalks, or other debris in an exterior yard or walking surface.

A hardworking lawyer in Marion could investigate a slip and fall accident to see if it occurred because of the property or the landowner’s negligence. A legal team could meet with witnesses to the accident to discuss what they saw. They could also interview people familiar with the property to learn how long the unsafe condition had existed and if the landowner did anything to remove or warn people about it.

Work with a Marion Slip and Fall Attorney

Anytime you suffer a severe injury from a fall on someone else’s property, you need help. You need to work with a Marion slip and fall lawyer with practical skills, legal experience, and a history of proven success. A seasoned attorney could ease the burdens on you by allowing you the time to focus on your physical and mental recovery while they take on the challenges of a legal case. Reach out to work with Whetstone, Perkins & Fulda today and let them help you pursue your rightful compensation.

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