For the most part, buses are reliable, environmentally friendly, and get you to your destinations on time without the hassle of having to search for parking spots. However, bus drivers and their employers are as capable of making reckless decisions as anyone else. Accidents involving these large vehicles pose a risk to passengers onboard, motorists in other vehicles, and pedestrians walking through crosswalks.

If you or a loved one are hurt in a bus crash, a Marion bus accident lawyer could guide you through your legal options. Through a personal injury claim against the party responsible, you could recover compensation to help you afford your medical care and move forward.

Examples of Bus Driver Negligence

Most bus crashes are preventable and caused by a bus driver’s reckless actions. Bus drivers often make reckless maneuvers and fail to account for the wide turns of these vehicles. Other examples of how a bus operator’s actions can lead to crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Failing to yield to oncoming traffic
  • Impeding traffic, such as by blocking crosswalks and parking spaces
  • Drunk or impaired driving

A Marion attorney could assemble and review police reports, photographs, traffic camera video footage, maintenance records, and other physical evidence from the collision scene to determine if a bus driver’s negligence was responsible for an accident. Then, they could build the strongest possible claim for compensation through an injury claim on an injured plaintiff’s behalf.

Other Potential Defendants in Bus Wreck Claims

Sometimes, more than one party is at fault for causing a bus crash. While some liability could fall on the bus operator, another motorist on the road or passenger on the bus may also be at fault. Other examples of who may bear liability for a bus accident include the following:

Private Bus Companies

In some cases, a private bus company may be liable for a driver’s negligent actions while on the job. The employer could also be liable if the evidence indicates that they or their drivers failed to abide by strict federal regulations for bus operation. Bus drivers must obtain commercial driver’s licenses, and bus companies must hire competent drivers with clean driving records. A skilled attorney could gather evidence to determine whether a company failed to abide by federal regulations in its hiring or training practices.

Bus Manufacturer or Mechanic

Accidents can still happen even when every driver is making the safest possible decisions. Defective parts or a lack of maintenance can cause these vehicles to stall or make abrupt maneuvers that can lead to devastating collisions. In these cases, a determined lawyer could demonstrate how a mechanic or management company should be held accountable.

Government Agencies

In cases involving a public transportation bus, a local government entity or authority could bear liability for damages that occur in the event of a crash. When someone is involved in an accident with a private, charter, tour, school, or commuter bus, they should seek assistance from a seasoned Marion attorney who has experience getting successful outcomes in these types of cases.

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Because buses carry many passengers and outweigh other vehicles, the risk of multiple and devastating injuries is often high. A seasoned legal professional works to carefully examine evidence from a crash to determine what went wrong and who is to blame.

If you or a loved one suffered harm in a bus crash, get in touch with a Marion bus accident lawyer. The legal team at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda could help you pursue compensation and get back on your feet.

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