Any collision between a tractor-trailer and a commuter car is likely to have very serious consequences for everyone inside the smaller vehicle, especially if it happens at any significant rate of speed. However, wrecks that involve commercial vehicles crashing into the sides of sedans or SUVs are even more likely to result in life-altering injuries, since there is less separating the smaller car’s occupants from the full force of a semi-truck barreling towards them.

Unfortunately, the scope and scale of injuries that side-impact truck accidents in Walterboro often cause can also make them uniquely difficult to recover comprehensive civil compensation for, and trying to file suit without support from seasoned legal counsel can make things harder still. Fortunately, you have help available from a seasoned truck accident attorney with a track record of getting good results from cases much like yours on behalf of people just like you. Reach out to Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today to learn more.

Proving a Truck Driver at Fault for a Side-Impact Crash

Most side-impact collisions in Walterboro involving commercial vehicles happen at intersections where one or more people fail to obey traffic signals or adhere to right-of-way laws. Sideswipe collisions—in other words, one vehicle veering into the doors or side paneling of another while traveling in the same direction—are a bit more common on crowded highways with numerous entrance and exit ramps.

Ultimately, though, what matters when it comes to filing suit over a T-bone, sideswipe, or any other type of side-impact crash is not where it happened, but rather how it happened—and more specifically, whether it happened as a direct result of someone else’s “breach” of their duty to drive lawfully and responsibly. Support from our team could be key to collecting important evidence and building a strong claim around this legal theory of “negligence,” as well as to ensuring that everyone who was “negligent” leading up to this sort of wreck is held financially accountable for their actions.

Recovering Fairly While Avoiding Comparative Fault

On that note, legal counsel could also provide crucial assistance with proving that someone injured in a Walterboro side-impact truck accident was not at fault themselves for causing the accident. Any percentage of “comparative fault” assigned to an injured person by a court could be held against them as a proportional reduction from their final damage award or even as a reason to deny them compensation altogether.

Barring issues with comparative fault, though, someone who proves a truck driver, trucking company, or anyone else at fault for this kind of crash can recover for the full value of all their accident-related losses. This can include both economic forms of harm like medical bills and lost wages, and non-economic forms of harm like physical pain and psychological distress.

Seek Help From a Walterboro Attorney After a Side-Impact Truck Accident

If you were recently hurt in a crash involving a commercial truck hitting the side of your vehicle, you likely know all too well how traumatic and dangerous wrecks like this can be. What you should also know, though, is that you have a right to demand civil restitution from any person who played a role in causing you to get hurt, and proactively enforcing that right could be essential to protecting your long-term quality of life.

Help is available in the wake of a side-impact truck accident in Walterboro from a knowledgeable and dependable truck accident lawyer from Whetstone Perkins & Fulda. Call today to learn more.

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