The most frequently used roadway in Walterboro is Interstate 95 (I-95), which runs through Colleton County. Other busy roadways in and around Walterboro include Highway 17 and Highway 64. Due to their heavy amount of traffic, car accidents happen relatively frequently on these roads. This is especially true during the summer months due to the increase in vocational travelers headed to South Carolina beaches or to major tourist spots that you can reach from I-95.

Highway car accidents in Walterboro can result in severe injuries. If you were involved in an auto collision on a busy roadway due to someone else’s breach in the standard of care, you could potentially seek compensation for these losses with the guidance of a skilled car accident attorney. Contact Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today to schedule a consultation.

Causes of Highway Auto Collisions

One of the major contributing factors to highway car crashes in Walterboro is speeding. On interstates and highways, speed limits are typically set much higher, and travelers are often in a hurry to get to their vacation destination. On I-95, for example, the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. Most drivers, however, tend to go at greater speeds up to 80 and above. This can be dangerous because high-speed drivers cannot adjust for stopped or slowed traffic.

Other causes include distracted driving and poor weather conditions. In addition, roadway defects can play a role in the number of incidents seen in an area. I-95 is in major need of repair and is considered one of the most dangerous roadways in South Carolina.

What to Do After a Car Crash on the Interstate

After a car accident on a Walterboro highway, an individual should call 911 from the scene and go over as many details as possible with the dispatcher who takes the call. It is important to note that the response time from Highway Patrol or ambulances could be delayed. This is because it is not as easy for them to get to the accident scene as it would be if it were in town.

Moving the vehicle off the roadway to a safe spot, if possible, is also important and decreases the risk of further incidents. After health and safety have been addressed, contacting an attorney right away helps to maximize the value of a case. Some of the other essential steps include:

  • Obtaining the other driver’s insurance information, which would include their insurance company and policy number if they have it
  • Taking a picture or writing down the other vehicle’s license plate number
  • Collecting contact information of the driver and other witnesses
  • Documenting the accident scene, including taking photos of the roadway, skid marks, tire tracks, relevant highway signs, damage to each vehicle, and how the cars are situated
  • Taking photos of any injuries sustained

When the officer comes to the scene, they will typically do a detailed writeup of the accident, which would include a form called an FR10. The injured party will need to obtain this so they can give it to their attorney immediately. It contains information on the potential at-fault driver and will help jumpstart an investigation. The FR10 is also vital because there is a limited amount of time in which the individual can turn this in to their insurance company to report the accident.

Contact a Walterboro Attorney for Help with Your Highway Auto Accident Claim

Going through an auto collision is scary. Highway car accidents in Walterboro often happen at high speeds and can create lasting physical, emotional, and financial damage. If your incident resulted from someone else’s breach in the standard of care, you should not have to shoulder the burden alone.

Contact one of the qualified attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda today to schedule a consultation and find out if you could be eligible to pursue compensation.

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