Ways to Fight a DUI Charge in South Carolina

The penalties for a DUI offense can be significant — sizeable fines, driver’s license suspension, high insurance premiums, jail time, and other repercussions. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and are looking to fight the charge, you should be aware of the potential defenses available to you.

A legitimate defense can result in dropped or reduced charges. It can help you keep your driver’s license or even win an acquittal in your case. The unique circumstances of your arrest will determine what, if any, defenses are available to you.

Our lawyers will examine your situation to find the appropriate strategy. We will look for anything improper or illegal that may have taken place during your arrest. We will also look for mistakes in the police procedures that took place. You have rights, and our attorneys will fight to protect them.

Common DUI Defenses

Here are some of the most common arguments used to fight a DUI charge:

  • Improper stop by police
  • Improper arrest procedure
  • Failure of an officer to follow field sobriety test protocol
  • Improper testing or storage of blood alcohol samples
  • Refutable officer observations
  • Improper interrogation
  • Miranda violations

This is not a complete list of DUI defenses. Other DUI defenses may be available to you. Having a lawyer on your side will help you understand and pursue the viable defenses related to your charge.

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