Unique Hazards Faced By Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders face specific challenges on the road. These challenges are not really confronted by the drivers of cars and trucks. Because of these unique circumstances, motorcycles can get into very catastrophic crashes.

Here are several unique factors faced by motorcycle riders, as noted by legal resource FindLaw:

  • Motorcycles are more difficult to see. In poor weather, busy traffic or really under any conditions, bikes aren’t as easy for other motorists to see. For this reason, accidents at intersections make up a large percentage of all bike accidents.
  • Motorcycles are less stable. They are more likely to wobble, skid or fall over. When this happens, the damage and resulting injuries can easily be catastrophic.
  • Road hazards tend to be more dangerous. Fallen rocks, construction debris, water on the road, gravel, potholes and other roadway objects can easily cause a motorcycle rider to lose control of their bike. Cars and trucks can also get in a wreck because of these things, but the driver has a better chance of regaining control of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycle riders must be more skilled than the average motorist. Inexperienced motorcycle riders may have a difficult time handling the bike in poor driving conditions.

Getting injured in a motorcycle accident can be catastrophic. Losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident is a loss no family should have to endure. The experienced accident lawyers at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda are here to help by discussing all of your options so you can decide what to do next. For a free case evaluation, please contact us today. We have offices across South Carolina, including in Columbia.

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