Road Defect and Negligent Construction Cases

When you think of a car crash, you may picture a collision between two or more drivers. While many accidents are caused by a motorist, sometimes single or multiple-vehicle crashes are caused by the condition and defects of the roads themselves.

Here are several road defects that can cause wrecks:

  • Hazardous guardrail design, construction or placement
  • No barrier present
  • Lack of warning/instructional signs
  • Failure to warn of a construction zone
  • Muddy roads caused by abandoned construction material
  • Unstable or otherwise hazardous shoulders
  • Unsafe roadway drop-offs

One of the scariest things about roadway defects is how suddenly they can appear. Because they often involve a lack of signs or otherwise are without warning, you may find yourself in a hazardous situation quite unexpectedly.

Road defects can quickly lead to catastrophic accidents. In a case filed by our attorneys and ultimately settled, the plaintiff was left with permanent, severe injuries, including paraplegia after an accident caused by road defects. Our client was traveling on a newly resurfaced road that had no markings or lines. There was lots of mud on the roadway. The vehicle hit a slick of mud at which point the driver lost control of the vehicle, leaving the roadway. The shoulder was steep, soft and muddy. When trying to bring the vehicle back to the road, the mud caused poor traction and the vehicle spun across the road, hitting a tree.

Road defects may be attributable to construction companies or transportation agencies. Our attorneys work aggressively to identify the cause of the accident and pursue justice for the injured victims.

If you believe the accident that injured you was caused by roadway defects, please contact us for a free case evaluation. Our experienced attorneys serve areas throughout South Carolina, including Columbia, Kingstree and Myrtle Beach.

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