Facts To Know For Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is nationally recognized as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Millions of people suffer this injury each year, but few other people understand the day-to-day implications of living with a brain injury. In car accident claims, we most often see brain injuries categorized as “traumatic brain injury,” or TBI. This type is defined by trauma caused by an external force.

Consider these facts:

  • 2.5 million adults and children suffer TBI each year in the US
  • 50,000 people (137 per day) die each year in the US as a result of TBI
  • Someone in the US suffers a TBI every 13 seconds
  • 1 in 60 people in this country live with a disability caused by TBI
  • Motor vehicle accidents make up about 14 percent of TBI injuries
  • Falls make up about 40 percent of TBIs
  • Struck by/against accidents make up about 15 percent of TBIs

*Statistics from the Brain Injury Association of America

Oftentimes, traumatic brain injury affects not only the victim, but also the family of the victim. Depending on the severity, a TBI can lead to full or partial disability. As someone who suffered an injury like this, you may be unable to work and to perform your day-to-day routines as you had previously.

At Whetstone Perkins & Fulda, we understand the catastrophic nature of a serious brain injury. For victims who were injured in a car wreck, fall or another incident caused by someone else’s negligence, our lawyers have fought aggressively to recover maximum compensation.

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