Amazon’s Trucking Contractors are Twice as Likely to Crash on the Job

It is no secret that Amazon is a powerhouse in the consumer delivery space. But at what cost? Amazon’s trucking companies have caused crashes that have killed more than 75 people since 2015. This is not to mention the countless non-fatal crashes that are caused due to negligent driving and hiring practices.

The Wall Street Journal’s recent review of Amazon’s trucking contractors’ scores dived deeply into how likely their drivers are to be involved in a deadly crash.  The results are staggering. In just under two years, more than 1,300 Amazon trucking contractors received scores worse than the level at which Department of Transportation (DOT) officials take action. Other information detailed that Amazon’s trucking contractors were more than twice as likely compared to other companies to receive unsafe driving scores.

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Amazon Has Not Learned Their Lesson

On January 11, 2024, an Amazon truck crashed into a 1996 Ford Ranger in Athens, Georgia. The two individuals from the Ford Ranger were taken to the hospital, Jerry Miller, 46, had sustained minor injuries, however, Helen Edwards, 41, was pregnant and severely injured. After the crash, Edwards gave birth and her and the baby both were put into intensive care. Two days after this crash, the newborn passed away.

In August 2023, a motorcyclist, Robert Barra, 43, was hit by an Amazon delivery van. Sadly, he passed away 11 hours after the crash in a local hospital.

Amazon continues to make the news for deadly crashes, and they chosen to not make real, long-lasting changes. The company will address specific crashes and apologize to the affected families, but their trucking companies continue to be a danger on U.S. roads.

Victims of Next-Day Delivery

Amazon continues to endanger all American citizens.  Their trucking companies are “twice as likely as other contractors to have a crash while working for the company.” (WSJ, 2022). They make the news almost every month with a new crash. While all Amazon truck crashes have not been fatal, all put fellow motorists at risk of severe injury, disability or death.

Amazon claims their goal is zero accidents, and zero fatalities.  However, they continue to display extreme carelessness as they continue to cause major accidents.

Motorists, passengers, and pedestrians who are hurt in a crash involving an Amazon truck may have grounds to file a legal claim that would provide compensation for their accident-related losses such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and a diminished quality of life.

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