$3.9 Million Medical Student Injured by Large Pickup Truck because she had to Stop for a DUI Crash

Charleston, SC — Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Whetstone, and Mr. Fulda represented a medical student who suffered severe injuries including a subarachnoid hemorrhage, concussion, and stroke after her vehicle was rear ended by a large pickup truck. On the evening of this accident, our client had come to a stop on the roadway due to a wreck caused by a drunk driver that had just occurred in front of her. The driver of the large pickup truck behind our client was unable to stop in time, crashing into the rear of our client at high rate of speed. Our investigation led us to determine that the drunk driver of the previous accident which brought traffic to a halt was extremely intoxicated and was ultimately responsible for the subsequent wreck that injured our client. Our thorough investigation discovered that the bar the drunk driver left from was responsible for allowing the drunk driver to become extremely intoxicated and drive home. We were able to reach a settlement with the bar before filing a lawsuit in this case.